Who is Emily?

I am Emily Jonkman, a 4 year old girl.

I am from The Netherlands, so is my dad. My mom is Colombian and she lives here in Holland since before I was born.

I speak three languages, because my dad speaks to me in dutch, my mom in spanish and they both speak english to each other.

I love going in to adventures, I like dancing and reading books. Mom and I use to read books every night before bed. My dad love to make up stories himself about random things, which I like a lot.

I have a strong character and many people say that I got it from my mom.

I a very sweet and afective, I have compasion for everybody and animals. I’m extroverted and a little shy sometimes. People who knows me describe me as a happy girl.

I have a little sister, Samantha , we used to go together to the kindergarten, but not anymore since I started in the Primary school.

I love going to the beach and play with sand and water. Making castles is one of my favorite thing at the beach.

My dad and I use to do stunts but my mom does not like it too much because she thinks this would breaks my arms.

I would talk and talk, but I will let some writing for the future posts.