This winter was very fun with a lot of action. Much of snow, sledging, throwing snow balls to friends and a lot of cold, bbrrrr, weather is changing for sure, but I do not mind, I enjoy every little change that occurs.


Spring is weird to say because this year we barely enjoyed this season. It was like jumping from winter to summer. Very warm days from early april and nice weather. We are getting ready to finish school year and I will be going to Group 3, happy for me but on the other hand a little sad because some of my friends will not make the transition like me, they will stay in group 2, but I am still happy because of the challenges ahead.


Oh summer summer, my favorite season of the year. Lots of things to do and so little time.

I’ve been busy these days. Playing a lot with my friends, traveling, swimming, biking among other things.

My eating “problem” is not longer a problem, I am improving a lot, eager to eat more new things and vegetables. My mom insist in eating more greens, but I am doing just fine now and with the time I will be eating more and more.

I am still taking a swimming course and I am all into this, I love swimming and I would like to swim in the pool already without a swim vest, but my parents do not allow it, they don’t trust my skills yet. And I understand!

While I was on vacations in France a couple weeks ago I felt something different in my mouth, a lower Baby tooth got loose. When I told mom about it, she got so excited and told me about the tooth fairy and that I should keep my tooth safe for when this fall out completely. Then I can put it under my pillow and the next day I will get a coin from her in change of my tooth.

So, yesterday, 4th of august, it finally fell out and I was impressed, excited and happy. After the sunrise I went to bed and lied my tooth just there under my pillow expecting to get to see the fairy who will take my tooth away and let a coin for me.

When I woke up this morning I found two coins next to my head, what a surprise! Thank you fairy, I hope you make a beautiful necklace with the teeth you collect.

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