This fall has begun late this year, it was a delicious weather until October. Precisely the day the bad weather began, we flew to Spain.

Before our trip we had some meetings with some specialists in feeding and the advice my parents  to try bite by bite of new food in our trip. It did  not work. I was already very difficult for my sister and I to adjust to the changes of the new place. So I could see my mom’s frustration over my feeding. Sorry mom! I did not mean to upset you, it’s just that I am not ready to eat like you yet.

Before we left to Spain, I celebrated my birthday in the Peuter Speel Zaal (preschool) and in the Kinderopvang (kindergarten), because after being back to Holland I would be 4 years old that week, so mom and dad agreed with the teachers to do the closure before, this way I would be back and ready to start in my new school.

And the day arrived and I was on time at the school. I was very enthusiastic for this huge milestone of my life.

The feedback my teacher gave to my parents was very positive, she was surprised how easy was my adjustment to the school.  Mom and dad were very proud of me.


This summer was way better than last year, we did a lot of things together, my little sister is already walking so this makes everything a bit easier.

We went to Veluwe for first time. It is very pretty over there. It’s nature all around the place. We rented bike and went for strolls around the forrest, played in/with the nature and had good meals. I mean, my parents and Samantha, because you know, I am fine with fries and crackers.


My grandma from Colombia came to visit us. It was a great time together with her. She is awesome and funny. I like to spend time with her. From the beginning we made sure that we were going to make good memories of her visit.

She was a little disappointed and sad because I don’t eat good enough. I don’t care to much about that, but all of them seem to be very worried all the time. Why is that they like so much eating soup and salmon?!

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