Christmas time

Because my baby sister was so small we did little around this time, it was easy and simple, but enjoyable for sure. We met together for our family and had a cozy time.


In this month we went to Spain, to a town called Peniscola, it was a nice place, good weather but out of season not the best. Even though we had a great time seeing cities an d places around the peninsula. Barcelona was our favorite city. Big and stunning place.


This month is my baby sister birthday, there is just jolly in our house and everyone is very happy.

I went to sleep in oma and opa’s house and the next day I came to meet my little sister. She was adorable, very little tho, but super pretty. I felt a little weird, because I knew everything was about to change.

This month everybody was caring about her and my parents wanted me to come close to my sister and toucher, but I was just not in the mood for that yet.

1st March

It’s been a while since I post something here.

My 2nd birthday party was at our house, mom invited her friends and children and also our family. It was a great afternoon, I got a lot of presents and fun. This birthday party was themed like Bumba the clown.

Since a couple months ago I have been sleeping with my parents, they have tried several things to make me sleep in my own room alone, but I just don’t want, I like it better when I am with them.

My parents called a nurse who’s knowledge about children behavior and he gave them some advices. Mom and dad did it, they told me my bedroom was special and nice, that I should sleep better alone like an grown up girl and the first night I got to sleep all alone, they congratulated me the next  morning for this great achievement.

It;s been two weeks since that I started to sleep alone again. I like it know, and even more the princesses and castles on my wall.

On the other hand, they are still so worried for my eating problems, they have tried everything to make me eat what they want and say it’s healthy. But the doctor says that my weight is good and so my height, so my parents don’t need to worry to much.

Changing subject over the food, I love that my mom read a book for me before going to bed. I got a book with new words of instruments, animals and things. I love learning those new words in spanish.

I also make my mom’s heart melt when I am so loving to her. She said she likes the way I am, she really loves me. I love her too!

22nd march

The last days I have been naughty to my mom, I just want to hang up with daddy and she does not understand it. I just want to follow my dad’s instructions. Besides that since she is pregnant she’s been a bit cranky, with up and downs. I can feel that, so that’s why I prefer my dad these day.  She needs support but I can just not manage it now. On the other hand, my dad has been so supportive to her and to me. He is the best dad and the world, and so my mom!

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