10th November

The last 3 months it’s been hard and problematic this thing of eating, my parents are worried because I dont want to eat like I used to.

The only things I want to eat are breakfast and dinner, but dinner in my house is kind of a breakfast, because we eat lunch as a big meal. So I am eating only waffles and oatmeal for breakfast, cookies and juice for lunch and crackers with cream cheese over and a bottle of chocolate milk for dinner.

The pediatrician says that my parents should not push me to eat, that this must come easy and like a happy moment, but I just resist to eat. Nothing that my parents try seem to work with me.

My mom gave up on my and my problems eating, so now she just gives me what I want to eat so I put some food in my belly.

I love watching TV, if this was for me I would be staring at that flat devide the whole day. When my parents put it oof I have to cry out loud. A DRAMA!

Mom decided to just let me watch TV a couple hours a day, so I could play with the tons of toy I got.

The 3oth of october we went to the dentist and he said that it was the time to stop with the pacifier, My teeth could start deforming at any moment if I keep it.

That night was my first night without pacifier. It was not a big deal for me. I slept the whole night all long.

On the other hand, I am already making long sentences when I speak. I use to talk in dutch most of the times and my mom seems to understand…anyways I try my spanish once in a while as well.


10th September 

The first week of september, my parents remove the lateral bars from my baby crib, so I could walk on and out of the bes easily. I kind of like it.
My mom is pregnant again so this helps her a bit also and she does no tneed to lift me up and down in to the crib. My mom is 7 weeks pregnant.

I did not have much trouble with this new change of my bed, still my mom liked to be next to me the first two nights until I fell asleep.

6th July

I’ve been having several changes in my behaviour laterly, mom says that I have a strong character and that I just want to do my way., otherwise I get angry.

I have not eating good either, I just want to eat cookies and juices from a box. I don’t find the vegetables very attractive anymore, neither the fruits.
I decided not to eat arepas, toastes or bread. I restricted my diet to olives, crackers, milk, chips and cheese. I don’t want to try anything new.

Oh, by the way, yesterday night I found out that my lower lateral incisors are coming out as well.


27th may

Yesterday when my mom was brushing my teeths she saw that my upper lateral incisors are coming out, that explaings why I am awakening up during the night.

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