8 1/2 months

I have had so many changes lately.

The 19th of august I started creeping around the living room, and one week later there is noone who could stoped me.

On wednesday 28th of august my parents placed the security gates in the kitchen and upstairs in the way down the stairs.

Oh I forgot, during the week of the 19th of august I started drinking from a sippy cup. My mom already gives me the milk and juices in it.

I do “Arepitas” (clapping), with my hands and I love  babbling all day.

I eat bread with butter and cheese. I am trying the new taste of scramble eggs, pasta and a bit harder foods.

1st of september 2013.

Mom can see already my frontal teeth coming down. I have been quiet, not a big deal for me…but my mom tried to see them and touch them and this was not a good idea….I had to cry so much that I had to go to bed for a nap.

16th of september 

I am already crawling and my sleep cycles  have changed.

30th of november

I am already getting two more teeth: One tooth on the upside and another one on the downside. These are not giving me pain or something.

2 of december of 2013

I am birthday today and the next thursday we are heading to Colombia to see my grandmother again.

She is going to be surprised beacuse I am already walking with the help of my walker or my mommie hand.

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