We just came back from our trip to Colombia.

I got already 8 teeth in the front, I’m crawling a lot and very fast. I stand up very easy as well.

I am a very happy girl, I am so active…it’s like I could not stop.

February 10th

Today I walked for first time alone. Around 6pm., I walked three steps in a row. This was a great moment !

Mom and dad have to help to stand up and then I can walk for my own sake.

May 7th

Now, I am in the learning to speak. I can say mama, papa and dag (for “bye” in dutch).

I find the word “lekker” so nice to say. Lekker is – Delicious-  in dutch.

I can easily repeat words that my mom says, but of course, in my way.

I try to say HOLA and AlÓ putting the phone on my ear. It’s just so funny to talk and learn new things.

Next week I will stay one week with my oma and opa (grandma and granpa), because mom and dad are getting married. They are going to a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea. Mom is a bit sad because she does not want to be away from me. I think it’s good they have their time together.

I’ll be fine mom!

May 24th

I use to talk much more lately, I have many more words in my dictionary. I point to the things so I can make my self clear when I want something.

I do most of the things my parents ask me to do, not always, but I try.

I have a strong character. I want to decide where to go when I go out with my mom and dad, thay ask me to be just besides them, but I like to go and explore new things and places.

I love watching t.v, I think it’s my favorite thing to do. Most of the times I prefer to watch tv than play with my toys. My mom does not think that this is good, but still I bring the remote control to her so she can put it on for me. You know, I know how to get the things done!


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