This winter was very fun with a lot of action. Much of snow, sledging, throwing snow balls to friends and a lot of cold, bbrrrr, weather is changing for sure, but I do not mind, I enjoy every little change that occurs.


Spring is weird to say because this year we barely enjoyed this season. It was like jumping from winter to summer. Very warm days from early april and nice weather. We are getting ready to finish school year and I will be going to Group 3, happy for me but on the other hand a little sad because some of my friends will not make the transition like me, they will stay in group 2, but I am still happy because of the challenges ahead.


Oh summer summer, my favorite season of the year. Lots of things to do and so little time.

I’ve been busy these days. Playing a lot with my friends, traveling, swimming, biking among other things.

My eating “problem” is not longer a problem, I am improving a lot, eager to eat more new things and vegetables. My mom insist in eating more greens, but I am doing just fine now and with the time I will be eating more and more.

I am still taking a swimming course and I am all into this, I love swimming and I would like to swim in the pool already without a swim vest, but my parents do not allow it, they don’t trust my skills yet. And I understand!

While I was on vacations in France a couple weeks ago I felt something different in my mouth, a lower Baby tooth got loose. When I told mom about it, she got so excited and told me about the tooth fairy and that I should keep my tooth safe for when this fall out completely. Then I can put it under my pillow and the next day I will get a coin from her in change of my tooth.

So, yesterday, 4th of august, it finally fell out and I was impressed, excited and happy. After the sunrise I went to bed and lied my tooth just there under my pillow expecting to get to see the fairy who will take my tooth away and let a coin for me.

When I woke up this morning I found two coins next to my head, what a surprise! Thank you fairy, I hope you make a beautiful necklace with the teeth you collect.



This fall has begun late this year, it was a delicious weather until October. Precisely the day the bad weather began, we flew to Spain.

Before our trip we had some meetings with some specialists in feeding and the advice my parents  to try bite by bite of new food in our trip. It did  not work. I was already very difficult for my sister and I to adjust to the changes of the new place. So I could see my mom’s frustration over my feeding. Sorry mom! I did not mean to upset you, it’s just that I am not ready to eat like you yet.

Before we left to Spain, I celebrated my birthday in the Peuter Speel Zaal (preschool) and in the Kinderopvang (kindergarten), because after being back to Holland I would be 4 years old that week, so mom and dad agreed with the teachers to do the closure before, this way I would be back and ready to start in my new school.

And the day arrived and I was on time at the school. I was very enthusiastic for this huge milestone of my life.

The feedback my teacher gave to my parents was very positive, she was surprised how easy was my adjustment to the school.  Mom and dad were very proud of me.


This summer was way better than last year, we did a lot of things together, my little sister is already walking so this makes everything a bit easier.

We went to Veluwe for first time. It is very pretty over there. It’s nature all around the place. We rented bike and went for strolls around the forrest, played in/with the nature and had good meals. I mean, my parents and Samantha, because you know, I am fine with fries and crackers.


My grandma from Colombia came to visit us. It was a great time together with her. She is awesome and funny. I like to spend time with her. From the beginning we made sure that we were going to make good memories of her visit.

She was a little disappointed and sad because I don’t eat good enough. I don’t care to much about that, but all of them seem to be very worried all the time. Why is that they like so much eating soup and salmon?!


Christmas time

Because my baby sister was so small we did little around this time, it was easy and simple, but enjoyable for sure. We met together for our family and had a cozy time.


In this month we went to Spain, to a town called Peniscola, it was a nice place, good weather but out of season not the best. Even though we had a great time seeing cities an d places around the peninsula. Barcelona was our favorite city. Big and stunning place.


This month is my baby sister birthday, there is just jolly in our house and everyone is very happy.

I went to sleep in oma and opa’s house and the next day I came to meet my little sister. She was adorable, very little tho, but super pretty. I felt a little weird, because I knew everything was about to change.

This month everybody was caring about her and my parents wanted me to come close to my sister and toucher, but I was just not in the mood for that yet.

1st March

It’s been a while since I post something here.

My 2nd birthday party was at our house, mom invited her friends and children and also our family. It was a great afternoon, I got a lot of presents and fun. This birthday party was themed like Bumba the clown.

Since a couple months ago I have been sleeping with my parents, they have tried several things to make me sleep in my own room alone, but I just don’t want, I like it better when I am with them.

My parents called a nurse who’s knowledge about children behavior and he gave them some advices. Mom and dad did it, they told me my bedroom was special and nice, that I should sleep better alone like an grown up girl and the first night I got to sleep all alone, they congratulated me the next  morning for this great achievement.

It;s been two weeks since that I started to sleep alone again. I like it know, and even more the princesses and castles on my wall.

On the other hand, they are still so worried for my eating problems, they have tried everything to make me eat what they want and say it’s healthy. But the doctor says that my weight is good and so my height, so my parents don’t need to worry to much.

Changing subject over the food, I love that my mom read a book for me before going to bed. I got a book with new words of instruments, animals and things. I love learning those new words in spanish.

I also make my mom’s heart melt when I am so loving to her. She said she likes the way I am, she really loves me. I love her too!

22nd march

The last days I have been naughty to my mom, I just want to hang up with daddy and she does not understand it. I just want to follow my dad’s instructions. Besides that since she is pregnant she’s been a bit cranky, with up and downs. I can feel that, so that’s why I prefer my dad these day.  She needs support but I can just not manage it now. On the other hand, my dad has been so supportive to her and to me. He is the best dad and the world, and so my mom!


10th November

The last 3 months it’s been hard and problematic this thing of eating, my parents are worried because I dont want to eat like I used to.

The only things I want to eat are breakfast and dinner, but dinner in my house is kind of a breakfast, because we eat lunch as a big meal. So I am eating only waffles and oatmeal for breakfast, cookies and juice for lunch and crackers with cream cheese over and a bottle of chocolate milk for dinner.

The pediatrician says that my parents should not push me to eat, that this must come easy and like a happy moment, but I just resist to eat. Nothing that my parents try seem to work with me.

My mom gave up on my and my problems eating, so now she just gives me what I want to eat so I put some food in my belly.

I love watching TV, if this was for me I would be staring at that flat devide the whole day. When my parents put it oof I have to cry out loud. A DRAMA!

Mom decided to just let me watch TV a couple hours a day, so I could play with the tons of toy I got.

The 3oth of october we went to the dentist and he said that it was the time to stop with the pacifier, My teeth could start deforming at any moment if I keep it.

That night was my first night without pacifier. It was not a big deal for me. I slept the whole night all long.

On the other hand, I am already making long sentences when I speak. I use to talk in dutch most of the times and my mom seems to understand…anyways I try my spanish once in a while as well.


10th September 

The first week of september, my parents remove the lateral bars from my baby crib, so I could walk on and out of the bes easily. I kind of like it.
My mom is pregnant again so this helps her a bit also and she does no tneed to lift me up and down in to the crib. My mom is 7 weeks pregnant.

I did not have much trouble with this new change of my bed, still my mom liked to be next to me the first two nights until I fell asleep.

6th July

I’ve been having several changes in my behaviour laterly, mom says that I have a strong character and that I just want to do my way., otherwise I get angry.

I have not eating good either, I just want to eat cookies and juices from a box. I don’t find the vegetables very attractive anymore, neither the fruits.
I decided not to eat arepas, toastes or bread. I restricted my diet to olives, crackers, milk, chips and cheese. I don’t want to try anything new.

Oh, by the way, yesterday night I found out that my lower lateral incisors are coming out as well.


27th may

Yesterday when my mom was brushing my teeths she saw that my upper lateral incisors are coming out, that explaings why I am awakening up during the night.



We just came back from our trip to Colombia.

I got already 8 teeth in the front, I’m crawling a lot and very fast. I stand up very easy as well.

I am a very happy girl, I am so active…it’s like I could not stop.

February 10th

Today I walked for first time alone. Around 6pm., I walked three steps in a row. This was a great moment !

Mom and dad have to help to stand up and then I can walk for my own sake.

May 7th

Now, I am in the learning to speak. I can say mama, papa and dag (for “bye” in dutch).

I find the word “lekker” so nice to say. Lekker is – Delicious-  in dutch.

I can easily repeat words that my mom says, but of course, in my way.

I try to say HOLA and AlÓ putting the phone on my ear. It’s just so funny to talk and learn new things.

Next week I will stay one week with my oma and opa (grandma and granpa), because mom and dad are getting married. They are going to a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea. Mom is a bit sad because she does not want to be away from me. I think it’s good they have their time together.

I’ll be fine mom!

May 24th

I use to talk much more lately, I have many more words in my dictionary. I point to the things so I can make my self clear when I want something.

I do most of the things my parents ask me to do, not always, but I try.

I have a strong character. I want to decide where to go when I go out with my mom and dad, thay ask me to be just besides them, but I like to go and explore new things and places.

I love watching t.v, I think it’s my favorite thing to do. Most of the times I prefer to watch tv than play with my toys. My mom does not think that this is good, but still I bring the remote control to her so she can put it on for me. You know, I know how to get the things done!


8 1/2 months

I have had so many changes lately.

The 19th of august I started creeping around the living room, and one week later there is noone who could stoped me.

On wednesday 28th of august my parents placed the security gates in the kitchen and upstairs in the way down the stairs.

Oh I forgot, during the week of the 19th of august I started drinking from a sippy cup. My mom already gives me the milk and juices in it.

I do “Arepitas” (clapping), with my hands and I love  babbling all day.

I eat bread with butter and cheese. I am trying the new taste of scramble eggs, pasta and a bit harder foods.

1st of september 2013.

Mom can see already my frontal teeth coming down. I have been quiet, not a big deal for me…but my mom tried to see them and touch them and this was not a good idea….I had to cry so much that I had to go to bed for a nap.

16th of september 

I am already crawling and my sleep cycles  have changed.

30th of november

I am already getting two more teeth: One tooth on the upside and another one on the downside. These are not giving me pain or something.

2 of december of 2013

I am birthday today and the next thursday we are heading to Colombia to see my grandmother again.

She is going to be surprised beacuse I am already walking with the help of my walker or my mommie hand.

Julio 2013

The fist week of july I began to sit for myself. Two weeks later I was sitting all alone. I love to be lying on my belly, because this way I can move easily.  I also can turn back for myself and very fast.

I eat very good everyday and I find the nectarines so delicious!

Next appointment with the doctor will be when I got 10 months old.

Vacunas y aretas

El 12 de febrero de 2013 tuve mis primeras vacunas. Lloré mucho y my mamá lloró aún más de verme llorar.

El 9 nueve de marzo fuimos a Lucardy, Middelburg, para que me pusieran mis primeros aretes en mis orejas. Pegué un grito tremendo, pero no lloré. Soy muy valiente!

El día en qué nací

Nací el 2 de diciembre  de 2012 a las 23:31, en el Hospital De Ruyter en Goes, Países Bajos; pesé 3340 grs. y  medí 50 cms.

Fue una noche muy fría. Mis papás estaban muy felices de tenerme en sus brazos, imagínense la espera de 9 meses!

Nací muy saludable, llena de energía y no lloré casi. Nací siendo juiciosa.

Mis papás estaban fascinados de tenerme, y yo estaba muy feliz también. Al principio lloré mucho, creo que era por la leche materna que mami me daba, pero luego ella me empezó a dar leche de formula en las noches y me fue mucho mejor, pude dormir durante toda la noche.

Mi familia vino a visitarnos casi todos los días, estaban muy entusiasmados de tener otro bebé en la familia y querían conocerme. Me trajeron muchos regalos y ropa.

Yo estaba encantada porque podía dormir con papi y mami en su cama, ellos no querían separarse de mi ni un minuto. A mi me encantaba!!